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Accounts module allows to manage connections and accounts. FinStudio doesn’t allow users to add new Connection Providers. Connection Providers are built-in and user can only add the account for the provider that we support.

Besides supported providers users can also create Virtual Accounts and copy trades between the accounts.

Data & Trading Accounts Support

Trading accounts are the accounts that can be used to place orders and trade. Data accounts are used to receive market or any other data, but trading is not possible on such accounts. Application fully supports both types of accounts.

Users can create new, add, edit and delete accounts for existing connection providers. Parameters for each account can be modified as needed or deleted.


Virtual Accounts

User can create virtual account which allows to trade on multiple accounts from single account. There are two basic modes which equal to industry standard (PAMM or Trade Copying Accounts). In our app we use two terms to distinguish different types - Original Balance and Projected Volume & Merged Balance and Divided Volume.


Set Account Maximum Drawdown

Drawdowns are undesired, but real part of trading. Many margin calls could be prevented if there were sufficient risk control tools. With maximum drawdown limit, user can control maximum drawdown on the account.


Accounts Grid

Accounts grid lists all accounts that user added. In this grid user can view more detailed information about the each account. It’s especially helpful if user has more than one account.


Account Properties

Account properties show all properties for selected account. This can be either single trading account or virtual account. For single trading or data account user can enter account credentials to be able to login and connect to the account. For virtual account user can fully control all parameters of virtual account.



Application is designed that user is able to run one account in one workplace environment. We support multiple accounts at the same time, but each account needs to be opened in it’s own workplace. To open another account, user needs to press Open button under Workplace column in the accounts. This will open new workplace environment. In this workplace everything that is there is related to opened account workplace.


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