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Data Download and Import

It allows to download and import historical data from various providers.

View and Edit Data

Once the data is in, user can view, edit or export OHLC data. Each data entry can be viewed on the chart right inside the instruments module.

Instrument Specification

Instrument specifications lists trading conditions (commission, margin requirements) for the individual instrument.

Instrument Groups and Lists

As there are thousands of instruments available, there is need for categorization and grouping. User can create customized instrument groups and apply lists in different parts of application.

New File Format & Reduced Size

We use advanced algorithm to store the data and as result final data file size is much smaller than we know from other trading software. This means faster copying or reading.

Bid & Ask Data

Application supports both bid and ask so user can store tick data and recreate exact price development on both sides of the market.

Level II Data

Besides traditional tick data, the application also allows to store Level II data and volumes for market snaphot at given moment.

Multiple Periods

Application stores Level II, tick, second, minute, hour and daily data. All other periods are calculated automatically from lower time period.

View Data on Chart

Specific data record can be previed on the chart made for a purpose of data preview.

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