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Market Depth

Market depth shows available liquidity on different price levels. For each price level we can see what quantity is currently available. We can see how deep liquidity is and if we place an order on some level, we can clearly see whether such order would be fully filled or we can estimate what the average fill would be.

Split Side View

This view shows bid on the left and ask on the right side.

Buy/Sell View

We can show both - buy and sell, but here bid is shown below the last price and ask is shown above. Besides available liquidity we also see amount of total executed trades on the price level.

We can also choose aggregation precision level to set level size. If we set it to one, it will show it for price without decimals. F.e. 55,000.00 will show aggregated quantity and total trades on this level. If we set it to 0.1 it would show it for all 1 decimal values f.e. 55,000.1 – 55,000.9

Separate Buy and Sell Views

Here we only see buy or sell side.


All settings can be adjusted in easily accessible Properties panel.

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