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Market Heatmap

Block Size and Color

We can choose how is size and color of the block calculated. Three common options are – Price Change, Price Range and Volume.

If we choose Price Change, then block size will show which instruments changed the most. The biggest blocks represent the biggest change. The instruments with the smallest block size changed the least.

Besides block size we can also adjust block color and set color gradient. If we assign green color to the ones that changed the most and red color to the instruments that changed the least, we will see most performing, growing instruments in green color and declining instruments with falling price in red color.

Timeframe and Period

We can fully choose for what time period we show the heatmap for. If we select 1 hour, it will show the heatmap for the period of last hour. If we choose 10 years, we will see which instruments would perform the most in the last 10 years, but also those who lost the most in value.

In Properties we can set Refresh interval in seconds. This sets the interval at which is the heatmap refreshed.

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